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Featured Kitchen: The Hood Kitchen Space

Featured Kitchen: The Hood Kitchen Space

We’re beginning a new series in the Cook It Here blog. Each month we’ll be featuring one of our commercial kitchens for rent. As you know, not all kitchens are created equal, and even if they are equal, they’ve still got their own features and nuances. If you’re an independent chef, our Featured Kitchen series will help you get to know what’s available. If you’re a commercial kitchen owner, perhaps you’ll find it helpful to hear what other kitchens are offering.

We’re starting close to home with a great facility in Costa Mesa, California: The Hood Kitchen Space.

The Hood Kitchen Space offers six health department-certified, fully equipped kitchens, with slight differences among them to accommodate different types of client operations: one has a tilt skillet for clients requiring high capacity cooking, and two others are outfitted specifically with baking in mind. They have a kitchen designed for demonstration cooking classes, filming, or similar events, with a private venue attached can accommodate up to 25 people. In addition, they have two prep space areas, one dry and one with a sink. Clients may also rent dry, cold or freezer storage space on a monthly basis.

Each kitchen is available for hourly rental, 24 hours a day. Rates vary according to peak or off hours, on a sliding scale based on how many hours each month you require the kitchen. Clients include caterers, cottage food operators, independent chefs, and restaurants requiring overflow or temporary additional kitchen space.

The Hood is owned and operated by two local personal chefs: Shelby Coffman and Christie Frazier. Coffman is a graduate of Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco and has completed coursework at California Culinary Academy. Frazier is a self-taught professional with coursework at Tante Marie’s, Laguna Culinary and New School of Cooking. Both have extensive experience as caterers, personal chefs and cooking instructors.

Coffman and Frazier are working to make The Hood more than just a commercial kitchen for rent. They want to create a community of chefs and foodies, with The Hood as a hub for classes, events and activities.

According to their website, Coffman and Frazier also seek to build strong relationships with the communities surrounding their business. “Giving back and creating a strong community is a priority at The Hood Kitchen Space. In keeping with this practice, The Hood Kitchen Space offers its chefs and cooks the opportunity to use local, sustainable food and practices. They’ve selected Orange County artisans and family owned businesses to supply The Hood Kitchen Space’s larders with fresh, seasonal, and organic ingredients.”

For more information on The Hood Kitchen Space, including floor plans of the kitchens and complete lists of resources available, visit

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