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Featured Kitchen: A and J Commissary

Featured Kitchen: A and J Commissary

Featured Kitchen: A and J Commissary

A and J Commissary LogoThis month, we would like to introduce you to one of our most popular kitchens, the A and J Commissary located at 3201 4th Avenue S. in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

This fully furnished kitchen in the heart of Seattle includes 3,500 sq. ft. of new appliances, food prep stations, and walk-in cooler and freezer. It is available for rent 24 hours a day.

“We are confident that you will find it to be the finest in the city and that it offers all the amenities to make your culinary business a success,” says Ralph Murray, owner of A and J Commissary.

A and J Commissary Kitchen 1

(Pictured above: flexible cooking station, 6 top gas range, double-stack convection gas oven, tilting/braising skillet, shared large 2 compartment food prep sink, hand wash sink)

There are three kitchen areas available for rent offering state-of-the-art appliances, equipment, storage and prep areas. Whether you are starting a new culinary business or looking to expand your brand, this professional kitchen is the place for you.

The A and J Commissary commercial kitchen features include:

  • Four gas ranges with cook top surfaces, gas ovens, griddle and char broiler
  • Three imperial convection double stack ovens
  • 30 gallon tilting skillet/braising pan
  • 40 gallon tilting gas kettle for soups/sauces
  • Commercial 80 quart mixer
  • And much more!

A and J Commissary Kitchen 2

(Pictured above: baking station with dough table, double stack convection gas oven, combination gas range with 2 top burner/flat top griddle, 80 qt. mixer, hand wash sink)

The facility is open 24 hours a day and you can be assured that you’ll be working in a clean, efficient and secure location with 24-hour security cameras.

“We found that Seattle was woefully in need of a new state of the art, efficient and reliable commercial kitchen that would serve the growing number of start-up entrepreneurs that are part of a newly invigorated and expanding Seattle food scene. We think you’ll find A and J Commissary to be the finest commercial kitchen in Seattle and we look forward to being an important part of your successful culinary business.”


A and J Commissary Kitchen 4 A and J Commissary Kitchen 5

(Pictured above: well lit and spacious kitchen featuring ample stainless steel prep tables throughout, walk in freezer and walk in cooler)

To start using the kitchen, chefs will need to:

  1. Sign a user agreement with the kitchen
  2. Provide copies of business license, food business permit & food handlers card
  3. Provide proof of liability insurance with A & J commissary listed

Click here to read more Kitchen FAQs.

A and J Commissary Kitchen 3

(Pictured above: flexible cooking station, 6 top gas range, double stack convection gas oven, 40 gallon gas tilting kettle, shared large 2 compartment food prep sink)

We are excited to be part of the vibrant and growing catering, food truck, and specialty foods production community.”


For more information on the A and J Commissary, including complete list of resources, please visit If you’re local, request to take a tour of the facility – we’re sure that you’ll love all of the amenities offered!

Chefs can also contact the kitchen directly through the Cook It Here website by clicking here.

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