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COVID-19 and Commercial Kitchens

Will COVID-19 Change the Way Commercial Kitchens Do Business? It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has massively influenced individuals and businesses alike. For those fortunate to work online, business has continued as usual. But few industries were hit as hard as the food and beverage sector. While many commercial kitchens closed their doors (either […]

Where to Rent a Commercial Kitchen?

Where to Rent a Commercial Kitchen Renting a commercial kitchen is a great option for food truck owners, independent chefs, entrepreneurs who want to sell a food product, and many other cooking enthusiasts. However, what makes professional commercial kitchens particular appealing, is the fact that they have to hold an official license. This license proves […]

Expert Tips to Make the Most of a Tiny Kitchen

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home. A place where memories are born and cherished for years to come. And while the majority of us would love to have a state-of-the-art professional kitchen with top of the line appliances and ample space for movement in our home, that usually isn’t the […]

Welcome to Cook It Here!

We’re very excited that you’ve discovered Cook It Here and hope that you find the information useful in growing your business by connecting with the right sources. If you’re familiar with online commercial kitchen rental directories, you’ll quickly notice that we’re unlike all the others. Most of those sites have small amounts of information and […]

Hard at Work

At Cook It Here we are constantly striving to improve our search results. Better results mean our chefs are able to find the perfect kitchen to cook in that much quicker. But we also haven’t forgotten about our kitchen owners. We also realize that they too are just as important to us. So we make […]

Ratings and Reviews

Our biggest goal at Cook It Here has always been to try and improve the experience of finding and renting commercial kitchens. We have been trying to tackle this problem from both ends. Our chefs want to find the best kitchen to rent that is going to have all the equipment they need to prepare […]

Are you free next Saturday?

I’m sure we have all experienced it before. You are searching online, say for, oh I don’t know, a commercial kitchen to rent. You finally find a kitchen in your area after searching on Cook It Here, or heaven forbid, Google. Either way, you find the kitchen, you see some pictures, everything looks great. You […]

Vendor Beware: Festivals, Fairs and Boutiques

If you operate a fledging food business, you’re looking for a way to get your name and your product out in the community. This time of year, holiday boutiques and festivals are recruiting vendors.  Community events can be a great opportunity to sell your signature creampuffs or sample your soon-to-be-world-famous barbecue sauce.  Unfortunately, they can […]

Social Media Tips for Food Entrepreneurs

You know you’re supposed to use social media to promote your business. Maybe you’ve set up a Facebook page. Maybe you even tweet. Or maybe the thought of juggling posts, tweets, and pins makes your head spin, and you’d rather just get back to the kitchen. You’re not alone. Social media can be overwhelming. So […]

Cook it at Home? A look at Cottage Food Laws

This year, many states have enacted or expanded cottage food laws. While the specific provisions of these laws vary from state to state, the idea behind cottage food laws is to recognize that the costs associated with commercial kitchens can be prohibitive to very small food businesses (cottage food operators), and to allow these businesses […]

Is the Customer ALWAYS Right?

I’m not a chef; I’m just an eater, a writer, and a lover of people who follow their passions—so writing about chefs is perfect for me. I want to tell you about a recent dining experience that got me thinking. My sister (who is a chef, by the way) took me to dinner at a […]

Business Building Basics for Caterers

Have you heard of the 90-day principal? In the business world, they say that whatever you do today, you’ll reap the benefits of in 90 days. 90 days from today is mid-November.  The catering season will be heading into full swing. Wouldn’t you like to have some events on your calendar for the holiday season? Here […]

Is the Food Truck Trend Dead?

Food trucks—at least the trendy, gourmet variety we think of today—hit the scene in 2008 when Kogi BBQ first made the news. Since then, food trucks have exploded in popularity, with everything from schnitzel to banh mi served street-side. Food truck statistics are hard to pin down, but estimates that there are three million […]

Do You Have a Culinary Resume?

If you’re working a day job and trying to build your culinary empire on the side, you’ve probably got a decent resume geared for the 9-5—but is your chef resume polished and ready to go? You never know when opportunity will knock, so having a professional-looking, current resume is critical. If you need to brush […]

Renting a Kitchen: A First-Timer’s Guide

If you’re a food entrepreneur, and you’ve never rented a kitchen before, the process can seem daunting. First, there’s the matter of finding a commercial kitchen to rent, and then hoping it’s available when you need it. We’ve observed the difficulty in that process first-hand; that’s why was born. Hopefully, you’ve found this blog in […]

Cooking for the Gluten-Free Crowd

Seems like it’s everywhere now—the gluten-free movement has reached the Betty Crocker aisle of every grocery store. Just a few years ago, most of us would not have recognized the word “gluten” at all, but now gluten-free products are commonplace, and gluten-free options can be found on menus everywhere. What’s the big deal about gluten? […]

Food Safety Refresher

With the holiday catering season upon us, chances are you’ll be presenting some buffet-style meals for your clients, or even for your own family and friends.  Now is a good time to brush up on food safety. Yes, you know this stuff… all of us should have solid knowledge of food safety and preventing food-borne illness. […]

The Culinary School Debate

If you’ve found, you’re obviously a serious cook. Maybe you’re a caterer, or an entrepreneur working on a line of food products. Chances are if you haven’t been to culinary school, you’re considering it. Interest and attendance in culinary schools has skyrocketed since the 80s, due in part to the popularity of cooking shows […]

At Your Service: Becoming a Personal Chef

Once considered an exclusive luxury for only the very wealthy, personal chefs are becoming more commonplace. Whether it’s the increasing demands on the average American schedule, our growing awareness of nutritional issues, higher standards for food preparation or some combination of those factors, more people are using personal chefs than ever before. According to the […]

Opening a Commercial Kitchen for Rent

Our blog tends to focus on those seeking to rent a commercial kitchen, but here’s a switch:  what if you want to open your own commercial kitchen for rent? In researching this topic, I found very little clear-cut information. No one has broken this down into, “10 Easy Steps to Opening a Rental Kitchen.”  Using Los Angeles […]

Catering for Kids

Kid-centered catering is a hot market that’s grown with the children’s party craze. Ordering pizza and playing Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey just won’t do anymore, as Pinterest and mommy-bloggers set the bar ever higher for clever, themed kids’ parties complete with matching menus. Plenty of busy parents will pay for help keeping up with this trend. With a […]

Featured Kitchen: The Hood Kitchen Space

We’re beginning a new series in the Cook It Here blog. Each month we’ll be featuring one of our commercial kitchens for rent. As you know, not all kitchens are created equal, and even if they are equal, they’ve still got their own features and nuances. If you’re an independent chef, our Featured Kitchen series […]

On Publishing a Cookbook

So, you’ve been cooking for a long time, and you’ve gotten great feedback—you KNOW you’re an outstanding cook. You’re creative, and your specialty is coming up with new dishes that no one has dreamed of before. And you’ve been compiling all these great ideas in your trusty Macbook, just waiting to unleash them on the […]

Seven Great Websites for Independent Food Professionals

Each time I draft a blog post, I dig around the internet for interesting and useful information for independent chefs and food professionals. And each time I find cool websites and content that I’d love to share with CookItHere readers. There is so much good stuff out there—from recipe sites to food blogs to celebrity […]

A Coach for Specialty Food Entrepreneurs

You know you’re onto something great: everyone loves your recipe; no one else is selling anything like it. You’re sure to be a success, right? Wrong. The hard truth of the specialty food industry is that no matter how delicious or innovative your product is, you need more than quality goods to be viable in […]

New Addition to Cook It Here!

Over the last year, Cook It Here has grown to become the premier destination for discovering commercial kitchens to rent. We have been helping thousands of chefs every month find the commercial kitchens they need to be successful and take their endeavors to the next level. We feel happy that we have been able to […]

Featured Kitchen: A and J Commissary

Featured Kitchen: A and J Commissary may 23, 2014 by ashley schwarz leave a comment This month, we would like to introduce you to one of our most popular kitchens, the A and J Commissary located at 3201 4th Avenue S. in beautiful Seattle, Washington. This fully furnished kitchen in the heart of Seattle includes 3,500 sq. ft. of new appliances, food […]

Featured Kitchen: TNI Kitchen

We are excited to introduce you to one of our newest kitchen listings on Cook It Here, the TNI Kitchen. This amazing cooking space is located in Tarzana, California at 5577 Reseda Blvd. The TNI Kitchen is a retail restaurant space that is great for: Training – Come in and work on your skills or teach others. Catering – Is […]

Featured Kitchen: Kitchen Local

Featured Kitchen: Kitchen Local If you’re looking for a place to cook on the Northshore/Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts or southeast New Hampshire, we highly recommend checking out Kitchen Local! This state-of-the-art commercial kitchen is located at 14 Cedar Street in Amesbury, Massachusetts, in a historic brick building only a few blocks away from Downtown Amesbury. It […]

Featured Kitchen: AMG Hospitality

If you’re looking for place to cook in Prince George’s County, Maryland, check out AMG Hospitality, located at 14207 Old Annapolis Road in Bowie. AMG Hospitality is a shared-use food preparation kitchen for food industry entrepreneurs. This culinary facility is state certified and equipped with commercial-grade equipment for food preparation, cooking demonstrations and educational training. […]