About Us

Cook It Here is made up of culinary, business and web professionals. We aim to provide free services that are beneficial to both chefs and kitchen owners alike. There are other commercial kitchen directories online, however, they charge for their listings and sometimes just want to use your information to generate traffic. Unlike the others, our goal at Cook It Here is to serve you, by providing accurate and up to date information at no cost to you. With kitchens joining all the time, on occasion you may find that one of our listings is no longer valid, or a kitchen owner is not representing themselves correctly. We ask that you please keep us informed of such events in order to take appropriate action and correct this promptly.

While the kitchen directory is central to networking, our team understands the challenges of starting your own culinary business and we have planned an entire menu of services that can benefit the Cook It Here community in so many ways. Please visit us frequently as we have some very exciting additions planned soon!

Thank you,

The Cook It Here team